Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tahoe Adventure

Not long after we found out that Alex was on her way, a little less than a year ago, we planned a spring skiing trip to Tahoe. Dona and Gerry flew out from New Hampshire, Lane and Eric flew up from Dallas, and Krista, Alexandra and I drove in from San Francisco. We all descended, or erh, ascended on Lake Tahoe, CA for some winter fun, rest, and relaxation.

Alexandra's first 'taste' of snow

Tahoe and the Sierras were hit early and often with snow, so even though it was sunny and high 50's when we arrived, there were still piles of snow awaiting us. The skiing was wonderful. The snow was fine, and the sunshine bright and refreshing. Krista and I got to spend some quality time on the slopes, and Grammy and Papa got to spend some quality time with the baby.

Alexandra got to spend quality time everywhere, being handed off from one loving family member to another. She spent some time at Alpine Meadows, some time at Squaw Valley, and lots of great time at the Elliott's cabin in North Lake Tahoe. She even got to experience her first snow, which she thought was a little cold.

We made a nice little videovideo* of our Tahoe adventure. You can also see more pictures of the trip on the photos page. Thanks so much to the Elliotts for letting us stay in their cabin, for Grammy Fairbairn for her wonderful babysitting and cooking, and to Lane and Papa for being wonderful ski companions. Alexandra can't wait for her next ski trip!

* Video is Apple Quicktime format, and requires the QuickTime plug-in

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