Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Baby Einstein?

So Alex has been really into this game - whenever a third person is here she runs around the halls away from whoever is here giggling - turning around to retrieve the person if they don't chase her. (Ron can tell you all about it.) Usually that person is yelling "rahhhrrrr" like a lion. Matthew has been person number three a lot of the time. He also gets her up in the morning and shows her the lions on the wall - telling her the lion says "raahhhrrr".

So today I show her a picture of daddy and say "daaaaddddyyyy". Da da da da she says. "Daaaaaaddddyyy" I repeat. "RAAAHHHRRRR" she says. Yes dear, daddies say "raaahhrrr." very good. =)

I've been trying to teach her sign language. "hat" is shown by patting one's hand on one's head. She has been doing great with the signs lately so I've been teaching her that one. Only, she thinks that "hat" is patting MY head. So she pats my head when she wants to say "hat".
One of her first words is definitely "pumpkin". Only she says "cup". I know you think those are different words, but they are not. They are the same word. Just get her within a mile of a pumpkin and you'll see.

Apple is also "cup" as is "up"... like "I want you to pick me up." She is a smart baby, she knows I'll figure out which one she means. If she's holding my legs, "cup" means "up" - if she's pointing at a pumpkin, it means pumpkin. Very logical. Genius child, obviously.

The scary one is how good she is at TV. She hits the power button when she wants to watch a DVD. She goes to the Einstein videos, chooses one, takes it out of its case, then bangs it on the DVD player. Again, genius child, knows I'd rather play it than watch her break it or the
DVD player.

She is trying to teach me sign language, too. She holds her hand out to me and opens and closes it like she has a puppet on her hand. Then she giggles like crazy. I have no idea what it means, but hopefully I'll learn soon. I'm a slower learner than she is. I have learned the
one that means "I don't like this food." It involves leaning over the highchair and spitting food on the ground. That one is clearer, so I have learned faster. (She also is a carnivore. In fact all she wants is meat!)

She also seems to think I should lose some weight. When daddy isn't around to chase her, she brings me a stuffed animal to chase her with, then she runs away (holding onto a round coffee table usually, so that she can run infinite distance w/out letting go of something). This
game can go for a LONG TIME. I have stopped turning on the heater in the house because its a workout to chase her.

At night she has been an angel - after dinner and bath and an hour or so of playing and dancing, she goes to sleep w/out a peep. Last night she waved goodbye to Matthew after he put her down and was leaving the room.


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