Sunday, September 24, 2006

An early Halloween?

For many fathers, this sight would be a bit scary. However, the laughing from the whole family (including grandparents) only seemed to encourage her. As long as she doesn't start wearing clear heels! Check out some more good shots of Alex and Reese from the week that Grandma and PiPaw were here in SF.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Alexandra signs her letter of intent

In a surprise move today, Alexandra Glotzbach, the 2 foot 10 inch, 31 lb. San Francisco native declared her early intent on a college. Although she hasn't decided on a major, or even really given any thought to what sports she might compete in, she has expressed unquestionable intent to attend Cornell University. Said the 21 month old, "this one... daddy's", leaving 2nd rate Stanford in the dust.

When asked about her decision, the parents feelings were mixed. "I'm very happy with the decision, and think that its a wise choice," said her father. "I thought my child would be smart enough to pick sunny Palo Alto over snowy Ithaca. And what about sports? Does Cornell even have varsity athletics?" said her mother. Although both schools are a fine choice, the parents will continue to investigate state school options, thereby making their large state tax payments worth something.