Sunday, October 15, 2006

Getting a 'Jump' on Halloween

Saturday in San Francisco was a nice, crisp autumn day. It started out a bit cloudy and overcast, but eventually turned into afternoon sun. The air was a crisp 59 degrees, and it actually seemed a lot like fall. By some random coincidence, we all ended up wearing black and orange (mommy dressed us all, including daddy). So, we decided to seek out a pumpkin patch where we could acquire a few oversized orange things with the intent of carving funny faces in them. We also figured Alex might enjoy the whole experience.

Needless to say, Alexandra loves the fall festival concept. Not for the pumpkins and scarecrows and bails of hay. Nope, instead, for the inflatable children's activities that seem to accompany such things.

She spent quite a bit of time bouncing in that thing. We were very surprised at how well she did avoiding and fending off the older kids. There was only one minor collision, and a kiss from mommy cleared that all up.

In the end, we walked away with a stash of pumpkins, a worn out little kiddo, and a lot of fun. We took quite a few pictures that you can see on the photos page.

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