Monday, February 19, 2007

Love that Cookie!

For Valentine's Day, Alex (and the rest of the family) got some yummy cookies from Honey. Here she is, saying thanks and enjoying the first bite.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Baby Update

Its been brought to my attention (you know who you are Ashley) that we here in the Glotzbach West household have been delinquent in posting the latest news, events, and photos to the site. For you, our loyal readers, I offer my sincere apologies. I'd like to blame it on work, but that is so cliche. So I guess I'll just have to blame it on all the fun we're having. We're so busy planning travel to Indiana, Boston, Hawaii, and numerous other things that we haven't gotten around to sharing the latest and greatest.

So first, there was dancing and swinging. Lots of dancing!

Alex's new favorite song (the old one was "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha Men) is not "I like to move it, move it!" by Crazy Frog. If you've heard it, its most likely from the animated movie Madagascar.

Reese is getting bigger and really starting to develop a personality. Alex continues to show more interest in her little sister, and likes to help give her a bath.

From 2007-02-06 Re...

She also has really started helping around the house :-) We have gotten to see Uncle Doug and Daniel a few times recently, both involving wildlife. First we had a great trip to the zoo where Daniel showed Alex the lions, and Alex showed Daniel the Hippos. And just today, we headed down to Monterey where we met up with them at the famous Monterey Aquarium.

As an aside, Alex has informed me that I need to change the title of this post, as she is no longer a baby, but rather she is a "big kid". Sorry Alex, my bad. She is definitely bigger, as she started taking photos herself. Granted, many of them find her finger more than anything else, and she seems to get a lot of shots of everyones midsection. But some of them turned out pretty good. Take a look:

So all in all, we're really doing great. Other than the fact we won't get into any preschool for Alex. But Krista made me promise I won't write my thoughts on that process until we've either been accepted somewhere or rejected everywhere. Needless to say, I have lots of thoughts on this matter... for another time.