Thursday, March 29, 2007

Keystone Chaos

I've been so delinquent on putting in new photos, thoughts, and other musings online lately. No excuse, as usual. I just didn't do it. So here's a quick update. We've been having a great time over the past few weeks, as Alex continues to get more conversational, and Reese is laughing up a storm. Reese is just an amazingly smiley, happy baby. When not plagued by a cold or tummy issues, she is generally smiling and laughing. And when I get her giggling (by tickling her) its really cute.

This of course, is only true when both girls are sleeping well. Which was NOT the case on our recent trip to Keystone, Colorado. I won't go into all the details (because they might make you cry), but its safe to say that the average nighttime sleep per child was in the 4 hour range for about a week. But I'm getting ahead of myself... Keystone you say?

Correct! A few weeks back we spent the week with Lane (Krista's sister) and Eric Groce, Dona and Gerry Fairbairn, at Lane's condo in Keystone, CO. I (Matthew) was traveling for work, so I arrived on Thursday evening to the fun-house. The daylight hours were amazing, with perfect spring skiing and tons of food, fun, and family. However, the nighttime hours were a bit trying for all. The close quarters (2 bedroom, 8 people) made it such that when a little tike did wake up, that usually woke the other, and then additional adults were coerced out of slumber. All-in-all, we got the formula down by Friday night or so, separated Alex and Reese so one didn't wake the other, and generally made it through.

It was really a great time, and we had so much fun. A big, huge THANK YOU to Lane and Eric for spending their vacation with us, and allowing us to destroy their peace and property. We'll get more pictures and videos up soon... so check back!

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