Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthdays, Mother's Day, Travel, and Smiles

We have been delinquent yet again... not posting anything to the site. Well, this time we have a very good excuse. We've just been having too much fun. Starting with a trip to SF by Grandma and Pipaw, where Krista and Matthew took way too much advantage of them and dumped the kids on them countless times. Funny, they didn't seem to mind. One of the really cool things, was Matthew and Grandma both got to celebrate their birthdays together, something that hasn't happened for a good 10-15 years.

We then trekked to Orange County for a visit to Grandma Lu and Pa's on Mother's Day. We were somewhat dreading the travel part, for all the normal reasons (fidgety Alex on the airplane, inability to sleep in foreign beds... you know, the usual reasons). However, much to our amazement and delight, it was wonderful! We had such a good time, the girls were angels, and Grandma Lu had such great food for us. We even got a surprise visit from Jason on Monday.

Enjoy the photos!

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Thomas said...

What great photo's!! I can't believe the smile on Reese's face, with Jason!
Uncle Ty