Monday, July 09, 2007

Caught the Theme Park Bug

At least I (Krista) did. As you can tell from the photos, I was possibly more excited than Alex about standing next to Sir Topham Hatt, riding on Thomas the Tank Engine, and riding on a large mechanical swing. She definitely loved the roller coaster more than me though. She's talking about it hourly.

Before I had kids, this is one of the things I was excited about. Being a little kid again. Being SO excited to go on a roller coaster that you thought you were going to burst. Believing that large, costumed character was REALLY HIM. And Matthew and I were that excited because as far as Alex was concerned, we were on the Island of Sodor.

We had an incredible time at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo on Sunday - for you parents of 2-5 age kids its amazing how much they have that kids can do. The rides are made so that you go on with them if they are under x inches tall - its fantastic.

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