Saturday, August 18, 2007


Reese must have read somewhere that once you hit the big O-N-E you need to start performing. In the last three days she's learned to moo (it sounds like a moo to me, but that may be a mom thing) when you ask about cows and "raaaahhhrrr" when you ask about tigers. She'd been saying "bye" and "ma ma" and "da da" but now she's trying to mimic words we say - or at least the first syllable, and her emphasis is on copying your pitch. Her latest is an exact replica of Alex's two and a half year old, "NNNNNNnnnnnnnnOOOOO!!!!" which I find annoying in the 2.5 year old. I certainly don't like my happy little one year old, crawling rapidly across the floor with a big smile on her face saying, "nnnnnnnnnnoooooo!" with Alex's nasty-toddler tone. Guess I'd better get used to that! Reese is standing now for seconds at a time - balancing as long as you don't remind her she's not holding anything. And I treasure this age in which her greatest joy is sharing something so that she can hear you exclaim "thank YOU!!!". She is most generous with food. If she runs out of food on her tray, she pulls something out of her mouth and offers it with delight. I am so proud of her generosity that more often than not I just eat it. The things parents will eat!

Reese's first birthday was last Saturday - and we tortured her with an 8 hour flight on Southwest to New Hampshire. Both girls did great. We had a fantastic time with Honey and Papa - most cherished was the time on the trampoline. Honey and Papa are on their way to a new home in Utah now - a big deal leaving friends and a house after 25 years in New Boston! The second weekend we spent at Uncle Robbie's wedding in Ogunquit, Maine. We're so excited to have Jaime join the family! The wedding was gorgeous - the location and weather was perfect - and we danced the day away during the reception. If size of smile is any indication, you can tell I was having a good time there with the girls.

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