Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hawaii is for families!

Kauai – wild, tropical, honeymooners island… romantic… remote… WHATEVER… what we found out was that Kauai has GREAT kid beaches. I’m not kidding. They have normal, nice beaches with white sand and gorgeous water – that they divide in half. Half is normal, and in the other half they create a rock barrier (I’m sure there is a good technical term for it) that completely blocks the waves. The resulting “pool” is from 6 inches to 2 feet deep, depending on the tide - andhas no waves. The rocks make a nice snorkeling place for mom and dad. They even somehow got a huge, and I mean HUGE sea turtle – probably two and a half feet across his shell, and a HUGE monk seal to come visit in the little pool. (I did overhear someone say the sea turtle would be happy for some fresh human meat… we removed Alex and Reese from the water then.) These kid-friendly havens are called “park beaches” and there are at least 3 on Kauai… one was in walking distance from our condo. Most of the swimming pools also catered to little ones – with shallow ends less than one foot deep and slightly sloping water slides that any 12 year old would find boring but are the Ultimate for a 2.5 year old and her squealing 1 year old sister.

When they have fun, we have fun – so Kauai was fantastic. Now, whenever we are at the park in San Francisco, Alex jumps on the boat structure and we jump on with her and she steers the ship to Kauai. Warm water beaches, soft white sand, Grandma and Pipaw (who she believes own the condo we stayed in, for some reason)… here we COME! Thank you Grandma and Pipaw for making it such a wonderful, memorable vacation!