Tuesday, October 02, 2007

These boots are made for walkin'

Reese WALKED tonight for the first time. Both she and I were ecstatic. I felt a little bad about it because she took one step the first time, then SIX steps the second time… clearly she was not only ready to walk but she was probably ready last month had anyone challenged her a bit. The steps occurred in the kitchen but we took her into the living room for some filming and softer padding. Alex’s filming needs a little practice – but if you use your imagination you can pretend Reese is doing a lot of walking in these videos. (She probably took 20 steps total tonight – one of which kind of made it onto the clips.) I mean, Alex is no Spielberg, but for a 2.5 year old camera woman to create movies like these - maybe we’ll get a private jet in the family someday afterall. For some true artistic, indy-film genre stuff, check out the third video.

Reese Walked before this...

Reese walked after this...

Once she walked – at about 6:37pm if anyone is keeping tabs – she didn’t want to stop. She tried to walk in the tub. She tried to JUMP – wonder where she got that – and fell pretty hard. That’s when I remembered why I haven’t been pushing her to walk. She went from a maximum freefall of about 6 inches to something more like 26 inches.

After a week of (wait.. its only Tuesday) Reese being sick, preschool still not going right, etc… we had a fun evening of celebration!

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