Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Its makeup day! Three new entries….

Editorial note: we have been very delinquent in posting, thereby sacrificing all of our readers. So here are three new entries...

El Primer Día de Escuela

Reese started at Hola Kids! “Hassa mañana!” she called out when we left the first day. A natural. Just hope she can roll her r’s better than her mom. Alex is jealous so she’s trying more Spanish now too. Whatever it takes, baby.

The Chariot

My favorite new garage-space-taking-up contraption. And so well named! Queen Alex and Princess Reese crawl into the Chariot, put on their “crowns,” and gleefully accept some food-bribe to sit there and be happy. Either Matthew or I pull them with our bikes – instantly doubling the time it takes to get anywhere. This weekend they sat, bundled from the cold, for a whole hour and a half while we rode to Tiburon. At the end was a reward for all of us…. a 45 minute ferry ride back to SF (which avoids the ridiculous hills in that direction)! The Chariot really is marvelous – I’d recommend it. I wonder if they make one with a DVD player installed in it?


I will forever remember this Easter as the first time Alex got on a chairlift and SKIIED! Course she was with us and not usually supporting her own weight, but the chairlift made it seem real. Alex was very focused. “No, daddy, I’m not going to do a wedge. That will make me slow down.” Apparently skiing to her is all about speed. So much for cross-country. Someone get that kid a helmet!

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