Thursday, September 04, 2008

Office 2.0 Questions...

Update - 09/06/2008: The form is now closed, and here are the results:

I gave a talk at Office 2.0 today, and as part of the demo, I showed how easy it was to create a form in Google spreadsheets, and then share it with the world. Here is a little form that I made available to the audience (as part of the demo) and they rated my performance.

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annette said...

Love the apps!!! I googled you and found your website. I know you are closed now for responses...however, I would love to sell the spreadsheet concept - I cannot tell you how often I have emailed spreadsheets as a PM. I have been consulting at Pfizer for 8 years and they are just starting to institute Sharepoint in IT, it is doubtful that a pharmaceutical company would opt for information external to the organization. I see you are making this available for resellers...Heck, I would like to work for you and sell this in NY