Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Fly a Kite!

Every so often, when your 3 or 5 year old (yypothetical situation, of course) comes to you with another in a long string of silly requests, you really want to tell them to "go fly a kite!" [Where in the world does that phrase come from anyways?]

Well, yesterday that is just what we did. I had a wonderful day, first with Reese in the morning running errands in the city. We went to get a haircut, and she cutely bopped along holding my hand as we walked down the sidewalk. The line at the haircut place was daunting, but the very kind woman who gave Reese a lollipop took care of any cares she might have had. After the haircut, we then stopped at bought mommy some flowers and took them home.
This is the face of happiness...

In the afternoon, Alex and I went for a (way too long, thanks accident on 880) drive in the Targa. After a few failed attempts at picking up some new parts for the car, we ultimately ended up on Marina Green to... fly a kite! Who knew that such a simple act could be so much fun. Alex enjoyed it too.

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