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Glotzbach 2018 Holiday Card

Happy merry holidays to you all! We went a bit off course on this year’s card - no silly rhyme and Reese said “this isn’t Christmasy at all!” so I’ll try to make up for that a little bit here.

REESE is trumpeting, karate-ing, and basketballing her way through school this year… her first year in Middle School. She is having a great time!

ALEX spends most waking hours on a horse (HAPPY!) or doing schoolwork (not as HAPPY but doing great). She’s jumping this year as you saw on the front of our card, a feat far beyond her mother’s conception of the possible.

MATTHEW and KRISTA are workin’, looking forward to snow skiing this season after missing last, cooking, biking, and counting our blessings. Matthew’s mom passed away at the beginning of the year after a long battle with cancer, and we are really missing her this Christmas.

BELLA gets to come to Christmas in Park City this year - Krista and Alex will drive her there. Not sure how to estimate the expected survival rate of anyone involved.

We are thinking of you all and wishing you a beautiful New Year!

Selfie in Spain